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Software Services | Java, Ruby on rails, Perl, Pick, C and more

In addition to our whole systems thinking we have a series of additional services that we can offer either as an independent service or an addition to our applications

Software Design

We prefer to work with at least one programmer from ATA working on a project as well as designers but if you want to just call in our expertise as Designers and source your own programmers we can accommodate this. We have over 20 years experience developing varied products from the ground up. From Oil accounting, End to end Steel construction, Manufacturing composites, Psychometric questionnaires, Accounting, Medical Systems, Veterinary Systems and more.


We have a range of programming language expertise. Including Java, C, PHP, Perl, Python, BASIC, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Bash/sh. We can offer to develop, bug hunt, modify maintain or reverse engineer various pre-existing systems.

For general development on time an Materials prices start from £35ex vat per hour. These rates may vary according to complexity and demand.

Lump sum prices may get you a better deal, contact us for details.

MultiValue, PICK modern and legacy

We have extensive experience with PICK systems, so if you have an existing system we can happily offer our services. We currently run both jBase and OpenQM and can handle many legacy PICK systems including Sequoia, Alpha Microsystems and more. If you want to look at migration paths or are just looking for some additions or support we can undoubtedly help.

Network management

Have a look at our Network Systems page to see what we can offer in terms of computer networks.

Web Systems

We can provide you with a range of website services. From a low budget low feature static HTML site to a Content managed site. We also have a large number of eCommerce solutions and a great familiarity with many related technologies.

We also offer a comprehensive SEO service for websites, helping you understand the technology and work involved in getting yourself noticed on Search engines like Google.

See our section on Web Applications to see our capabilities in Web design and programming.