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ATA Philosophy

We are a computer systems house, providing bespoke networked systems and multi-user database applications. We specialise in Pick based sofware, but we can also provide a wide range of other services and products, including network infrastructure, Linux domain control and other Linux-based management services. We pride ourselves on our 'can do' approach, if our current skills and expertise don't stretch to your requirements, we'll learn new skills. And if you want the job done faster than we can learn, we'll find people who can do the specialist work quickly and effectively.

We believe that computer systems exist to serve a purpose, rather than being an end product themselves. Our systems are always created with this in mind, and we consider an awareness of context, useability and reliability to be of key importance. Often, this means that we look beyond mass-produced "out of the box" solutions, to provide systems that are cost-effective while remaining resilient and highly effective.

Unlike many software companies, we aim to conduct our business with a view to maintaining long-term associations with our clients. We design our systems in close collaboration with our clients and actively seek to create working relationships based on mutual trust.