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A.T.A. are very supportive of OpenSource projects, philosophy and the GPL (

Free Beer?

Commonly misinterpreted as Free software as in Free beer, it has more in common with the Spanish word Libre as in Free speech. Open source simply gives you the legal framework to use and redistribute the software and its source legally and ensures every subsequent receiver gets these same rights.  This has the effect that every person you sell a copy of a GPL program (which is perfectly legitimate as long as they get the source code too) also has the right to sell it or give it away for free if they want to.  This often invalidates traditional methods of charging for "use" of software, but it does not mean you do no have to pay for Open Source Software.  It does mean the commercial avenue is encouraged towards evolving development and support of the software.  Which is unlike stagnant seat, site or other proprietary licences that do not nurture the future development of the software and is more akin with selling boxes.


Open Source software initially has greatest benefit to the end user or company (Likely you) as it automatically allows them to continue using the software even if the provider goes out of business. It also gives the end user the ability to continue development in such a scenario, or pay other developers to do so. In addition the end user can actually alter the software even when the original author is still in operation. As long as anyone they distribute to gets the exact same access and rights. A Major and significant benefit to end users that have access to developers time is the ability to make minor or major alterations to existing projects. Even an hour's work of a developer can often massively increase the functionality of the software to your company. Instead of paying for the rights to use the software, why not pay that same money into making the software more useful for you.


The major change that is required in using Open Source software is from the Software developers themselves (us), whom are required to think differently about how they do business.  We can not hide bad quality programming.  We must be competitive by showing our workmanship to be of higher quality and offer better service.  We must also be willing to co-operate with other contributes for our benefit.

What is ATA doing?

In the current market ATA utilises and contributes to multiple Open Source projects (Joomla, OpenQM, ScarletDME, Centos). We have also GPL or LGPL'd various programs of our own.  However in a very traditional Market we have not switched entirely to Open source licensing.  Some of our core products carry our own proprietary licences, but you will find them very permissive and fair. Until better British legal precedence is set in defence of a GPL licence in U.K. we will continue using a combination of our own licences and OpenSource licence like the GPL and LGPL where ever we can.