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We have many years experience with a database platform is a system called 'Pick'.

Pick continues to be used widely throughout the UK, most notably in the civil service, police and local government sectors.  One of it's major boasting features is MultiValue database storage. Allowing array like field inside any given table's field.

Current implementations of Pick provide all the functionality that one would expect from a modern database environment, including web (html and php) interfaces as well as program interfaces into such languages as Java and C. This provides us with a flexible set of tools to develop with. We have found Pick to be a highly stable and reliable platform with very low system failure or downtime over the 20 years we have watched it evolve.
The relative simplicity of its underlying data structures and programming languages mean development can be fast and easy to do, providing an ideal environment for our own philosophy on data systems, where data simplicity is key. This allows us faster development times and easier technology to provide you with a highly tailored and functional system.

While many pick systems and variants have diminished in use we maintain a number of varied Pick DBMS sites both as legacy systems and evolving and developing them into the future.


We deal with many modern and legacy implementations of Pick. Including, but not limited to;

  • OpenQM
  • ScarletDME
  • jBase
  • Cache (Mv compatible and non)
  • Sequoia Pro
  • Alfa Micro