Welcome to Adrian Tesson Associates

We are a bespoke software house that specialises in information systems and interlinking any system to any other. We cover most modern software requirements from a basic website to bespoke information systems and linking disperate 3rd party systems.


Our philisophies are to only ever make a human enter information once, give as much control to you the customer of your own system and to keep rigorous detailed records of everything carried out by your systems. As well as to grow our software with your company. Aiming to develop long term posative relationships. We also avoid “lock in” style licencing or practices and aim for you to stay with us because we’re good. Not because you have to.


Our company has a long heratage in software systems dating back to the mid 70’s where Adrian Tesson started everything up amid the birth of modern computing systems. As well as a wide breadth of industry experience accross many sectors.

Open Source

We are a big fan of Open Source software and try and incorperate the GPL or permissive licences in our own software whereever possible.